Azur WorkSpace

Azur WorkSpace

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With its experience in real estate and wishing to be always at the forefront of innovation, the SPI ALOSRA ​​has designed the “AZUR WORKSPACE” to be a smart building.

In order to achieve these objectives, it is no longer enough for a building to simply contain the systems that offer comfort, light and security. Today’s building must connect the various rooms in an integrated, dynamic and functional way.

Initiated since January 2016, the AZUR WORKSPACE project is located in the Kheireddine Activity Zone on the lake Tunis, a multidisciplinary zone in full expansion.

The building boasts a superb view of the Grand Lake of Tunis.

The project consists of a professional building with a total covered area of ​​approximately 2930 m² including a basement of about 800 m², a ground floor, a mezzanine and 2 floors totaling 2130 m², 1950 m² exploitable + 180 M² of common areas (entrance hall + stairwell + elevator).

Each floor is made up of a core comprising a few offices with sanitary and kitchenette and a landscaped plot designed in open spaces modular.

The basement is made up of a car park of about twenty places and several offices or storage areas as well as a space for relaxation.

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